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Devlin is proud to say we offer the most innovative and effective backup power solutions currently available with the Generac PWRcell. Premier Tesla solar installer and Tesla designated us as one of their few certified installers! We also provide a pre-paid Omnidian Performance Plan subscription to all Brockton Massachusetts customers.


Residential solar panel installation has become increasingly popular with homeowners, and for a good reason. Besides helping reduce your carbon footprint, it has numerous other benefits to help you save money. 

Are you planning to join the many green-friendly homeowners who are already reaping big from their solar panel investments in Brockton? Our committed team at Devlin Solar can catalyze your dream. We have managed to connect over 6,500 homes with clean power within the Brockton area and beyond through our affordable plans.


Solar Solutions in Brockton, MA

Take back control of your power with green solar energy solutions at 0%.

Residential solar panel installation provides an environmentally friendly energy alternative source that costs far less than the traditional route. Here are some top benefits of switching to this green energy. 

Benefits of Residential Solar Panel Installation

Save Money on Utilities

These days, many residents in Massachusetts find themselves paying a hefty monthly electricity bill. If you're tired of that steep cost and would like to save some money on your utilities, it might be time to consider residential solar panel installation. 

For $0 down, we can help you install solar panels on your roof, a move that will decrease or eliminate your monthly electricity costs over time. 

Get Tax Credits

When installing a solar energy system in your home, you also qualify for tax credits and rebates that help defray installation costs. Residential solar panel installation can come with up to 26 percent federal and state tax credits. This is great news because those are expenses you won't have to pay out-of-pocket.

Over 10 Years Payback Period

When you install a system in your home, you're going to see a great return on investment. That's because it takes about ten years to recover all your costs for installation, taxes, and maintenance. Once a residential solar installation has paid itself off, you'll continue benefiting from lower energy bills.

Boosts Your Property's Value and Curb Appeal

This is a long-term gain, especially if you think about selling or refinancing your home. Energy efficiency is an essential factor in determining a property's value. Solar panel installation can increase the value of your home by up to $15,000 or more

When it comes to solar panel installation, you want to make sure you're using the highest quality panels. You also need your equipment mounted properly on your roof. Most importantly, the company you hire should promise to stand behind their work if any issues arise in the future with their warranty. Here's why you should choose Devlin Solar for your residential solar panel needs.

Why Choose Devlin Solar?


We Offer Flexible Financing Options

Many people are turned off by solar panel installation because of how expensive it can be. At Devlin, we can help you set up green energy for $0 down in your home. 

Our State-of-the-art Equipment 

Our solar installation technicians are highly trained and experienced in using our state-of-the-art equipment, allowing them to perform their jobs quickly and efficiently. 

We only use top-quality solar panels from established companies such as Generac, Enphase, and Tesla. So, be assured that our panels will be effective and long-lasting.

All Our Employees are Experienced Experts

You can trust us because our staff has worked on solar panel installations around Brockton in numerous settings. As part of providing high-quality services, we ensure our employees have all the tools and take them through the rigorous training essential for success. 

With hundreds of residential solar panel installations under our belt, we're more than capable of getting your system up and running as quickly as possible. Offset your energy bills with Devlin Solar, the most trusted solar company in New England. Contact us today to get your free clean energy quote.

Make the Right Choice

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