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Devlin & Generac

Devlin is proud to say we offer the most innovative and effective backup power solutions currently available.  Generac has brought this to the next level with their release of the PWRcell.  Listed below are some of the features the make Generac such a game changing product!

Does your home have a backup plan?

The PWRview smart app is included with each Generac PWRcell, this app grants homeowners the ability to track panel production, battery charge, and usage.  By having a live feed of your energy usage, PWRview allows homeowners to be much more mindful about their day to day habits regarding usage.

Monitor your solar system and battery storage with the Generac PWRview smart app.

If it's not being measured, it's not being managed

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Stop Relying on the Grid

Generac PWRcell enables your ability to achieve complete grid independence.  This means no more unexpected power outages and no more up-charged utility rates

Customize your smart home

PWRcell has various options to ensure that your battery is a proper fit to your home.  You can even monitor the activity of your installed system with a dedicated app!

Charge your battery with your solar panels

Another feature that puts PWRcell above a traditional generator is the fact it can be recharged with your solar system, this means no more filling gas cans!

Never have an outtage again

When your neighborhood loses power during a storm, your home will be a glowing anomaly among the dark street.  This is because PWRcell back up your entire home!

Replace your Generator

Many homeowners are switching to Battery storage because it has all of the same advantages as a generator, but with none of the mess and hassle.

Be part of the change

Solar Battery Storage is currently at the cutting edge of innovative renewable energy products.  By switching to a renewable backup energy source, you are becoming part of the change many are deeming necesary for the future.