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Solar Solutions in Boston, MA

Take back control of your power with green solar energy solutions at 0%.

Devlin is proud to say we offer the most innovative and effective backup power solutions currently available with the Generac PWRcell. Premier Tesla solar installer and Tesla designated us as one of their few certified installers! We also provide a pre-paid Omnidian Performance Plan subscription to all Boston Massachusetts customers.


Installing solar panels on your roof is an easy way to reduce your energy bills by up to 80%. Therefore, getting a residential solar panel installation will cut costs and back you up with power blackouts. Tax credits offered by the state of Massachusetts and the Federal Government have made it easier for every home to acquire solar power.

Devlin Solar is the most trusted solar company in New England and Boston. We provide cost-efficient solar projects such as ground mounts, carports, and power storage systems by Tesla, Enphase, and Generac for both residential and commercial properties. We provide our solar installation services at a $0 down payment to top it all.

Commercial Solar : Gallery

Residential solar panel installations are unique to every house. Consider the following factors before installing your residential solar panel:

Factors to Consider Before Installing Devlin Solar Panels in Boston

Each house has different energy requirements based on its size, the number of electrical appliances, and the type of insulation installed. Factoring in the energy consumption of your residence will help experts provide enough solar panels. 


Energy Levels Required To Power Your House

Your solar panels must be positioned to catch as much light as possible. The roof is the most suitable location for solar panel placement. However, ground mounting may serve as an alternative when the roof is not an option. 

Solar Panel Placement

Benefits of Installing Solar Panels with Devlin Solar in Boston

Getting a residential solar panel installation will open you up to many benefits. Here are the main ones:


  1. Electricity prices have risen over 15% nationwide in the past decade and may increase. Having a solar panel system will help protect you from increasing electricity costs. 

  2. Boston, MA ranks eighth in the top 10 solar states in the USA. As a result, solar panel installations have become relatively affordable for most. Also, there have been numerous financing alternatives for those who can't pay upfront.

  3. A property with solar panels will sell for more, whether financed with a loan or purchased upfront. This is because solar panels provide a lot of value for homeowners.

  4. Potential solar panel users get to enjoy a 26% Federal tax credit and a $1000 state tax credit on their investment.  Also, they qualify for 10 years of monthly bonuses from the SMART program credits.

  5. Solar power is a sustainable power source. Therefore, by using solar power in your home, you reduce greenhouse emissions that may negatively affect the environment.

Devlin Solar prides itself on over five decades of solar and electric experience, having installed over 6,300 solar systems in the past decade. Trust in us to deliver valuable solar systems to you.  


Vast Experience

Devlin offers a comprehensive warranty package that comprises a 25+ year warranty on equipment and labor and guarantees that your solar system will meet its savings projections.

Comprehensive Warranty

Each homeowner who goes solar with us will receive an account manager that offers expert advice and ensures that all their needs are met throughout the entire installation process.

Quality Project Management

Devlin offers a variety of solar panel solutions for homeowners. These options range from ground mounts and carports to battery storage from renowned manufacturers like Tesla, Generac, and Enphase.

Custom Solar Options

Why Devlin Solar Boston?

Wondering why Devlin is the best option for you? Consider the following reasons:

Take advantage of the solar benefits in Boston with a trusted residential solar panel installation partner that will walk with you every step of the way. Contact us today to get started.

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