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Solar Ground Mount

Ground mounted solar is a great alternative if you don't want roof penetration, or simply if your roof has limited exposure to the sun. Devlin Energy offers tracker, pole-mounted, and carport solar options.

Related FAQs

Will Ground Mount Solar Work for My Business?

High energy consumption characterizes many businesses, as they have to keep different applications running through the day and sometimes into the night. Going solar offers an opportunity to make massive savings. Devlin Energy has been working on various large projects, from greenhouses to commercial properties.

Our experts will ensure that you get solutions that meet your consumption.

Why would a homeowner get ground mounted solar panels over roof mounted?

A homeowner may choose ground-mounted solar over roof-mounted solar for a variety of reasons. Ground-mounted solar systems can be installed in the optimal location for maximum solar exposure and can be adjusted over time to ensure the best performance. Additionally, ground-mounted solar systems are often easier to install and maintain due to their accessibility. Ground-mounted solar systems also provide more flexibility in the size and design of the system, as well as better protection from weather and debris.

Are ground mount solar panels more expensive than roof mount solar?


Yes, ground mount solar is generally more expensive than roof mount solar, as it requires more materials and labor to install. Ground mount solar also typically requires more land to be used for solar panels, and therefore has higher land costs associated with it.

Are there different types of Ground Mount solar systems?

Yes, there are several different types of ground mount solar systems available. These include fixed-tilt systems, single-axis tracking systems, and dual-axis tracking systems. Fixed-tilt systems keep your solar panels in a fixed position, while single-axis tracking systems can rotate the panels from east to west to capture the most sunlight. Finally, dual-axis tracking systems can rotate the panels both east to west and north to south for maximum efficiency.  Devlin Energy has all of these options available, we generally suggest whichever type is the best fit for your property and lifestyle?

Can ground mounted solar panels and roof mounted be combined?

Yes, it is possible to combine ground mount solar and roof mount solar. This is often done when the roof of a building is not large enough to accommodate all of the needed solar panels. The ground mount solar system is usually positioned in an area that receives the most sunlight and the roof mount system is used to supplement the ground mount system.

If you're planning to install a solar system, talk to Devlin Energy, and we'll help you explore the best options.

Create Energy With Your Yard

Devlin Energy has designed and supplied ground-mounted solar systems for homeowners and small businesses around the Hingham and New England regions. We have a proud history of maintaining high quality, supported by partnerships with reputable solar equipment manufacturers. Installing solar systems should be stress-free and inexpensive. Contact us for our friendly, expert advice.


Enjoy the freedom that comes with solar power.

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What is Ground Mount Solar?

Ground mount solar systems can be a great alternative to those with a roof that is small, shaded, or structurally weak. By using mounts to keep them off the ground, we can position the panels to face directions that maximize solar exposure. This makes them an ideal solution when you have enough open space that is well exposed to sunlight.


When you're torn between rooftop and ground-mounted solar, the following benefits will help you find the right fit:

Benefits of Ground Mount Solar

More Sun

Ground-mount solar allows you to take advantage of optimal sunlight exposure, without being limited by your roof's orientation.

Fewer Regulations

Ground systems have fewer restrictions compared to roof systems, which require compliance with a range of building codes.

Air Circulation

The panels are kept cool and operate more effectively due to the unrestricted airflow underneath.


Cleanliness is key for optimal solar panel performance, and it is much simpler to clean them from the ground than from atop the roof.

Future Proof

As your energy requirements increase, you can easily enlarge your ground-mounted solar system as there is still plenty of space available.


From a distance, a standard ground-mount design looks more like a pergola. We tilt the panels in the sun's direction and anchor them to the ground with a series of racks. Devlin Energy has many racking options you can choose from depending on your needs.​

Types of Ground Mount Solar

When choosing a ground mounted solar system, it's important to choose the system type that fits best with your lifestyle and aesthetical standards. Because of this need for variety, Devlin Energy offers multiple types of ground mounts to ensure that you can get what you need:

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