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Devlin Roofing: Solar Shingles & Roof Installation

Save Thousands on a new roof for 0$ down with Devlin.

Looking for a Roofer on the South Shore?
Devlin is your one stop shop

Cedar, Stone Slate, Asphalt, Metal, Rubber, Tesla Solar Roof & Solar Panels, Devlin does it all!

If you are looking for a roofer on the South Shore, Devlin is the place to go! Devlin offers a wide variety of roofing options, from cedar, stone slate, asphalt, metal, rubber, Tesla Solar Roof and Solar Panels. With Devlin, you can find whatever roofing solution you need, all in one place. Whether you are looking for a traditional roof or a more modern, eco-friendly option, Devlin has you covered. With their years of experience and expertise, you can trust that Devlin will do a high quality job. So, if you are looking for a roofer on the South Shore, look no further than Devlin.

100% Trusted

Devlin has assembled a highly skilled team of licensed roofers to ensure that our company's standards are met and that the customer experience is the best it can be. We are confident that you will be delighted with the quality of your new roof!


Lifetime Warranty

Our lifetime warranty offers unbeatable peace of mind for your roofing project. With our lifetime warranty, you can rest assured that your roof is covered against any damage or defects that may arise. Our lifetime warranty is a testament to our commitment to providing the highest quality materials and service to our customers.

Rubber Roof.jpg
What type of roofs can you do?

Solar + Roof
A match made in Heaven

Getting a roof and solar panels together is a great way to maximize energy efficiency and cost savings. By combining the two, you create an overall system that adds value to your home while reducing your energy costs. Solar panels can help offset the cost of a new roof, and a roof can be designed to accommodate solar panels, providing an optimal energy harvest. The solar panels will generate energy and will also protect the roof from the elements, ensuring a long lasting life. Additionally, having solar panels on your roof can improve the aesthetics of your home and can help increase its value. Combining roof and solar panel installation can help you create a home that is more energy efficient and cost effective for years to come.

All in 1

Combine your re-roof & solar install into 1 easy project

0$ Down


Zero upfront investment is required.

Save Thousands

Pay thousands less then you would for a standalone re-roof

Worry-free Warranties

Enjoy peace of mind with long term workmanship


" Does solar shorten the life of my roof? "

No! Solar protects your roof from the elements by providing a protective coating that prevents water, snow, and ice from penetrating into the roofing material. Additionally, the solar panels create a barrier that shields the roof from direct sunlight and ultraviolet radiation, reducing the amount of heat absorbed by the roof and reducing the risk of damage from extreme temperatures. The solar panels also provide additional insulation, helping to keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Not quite a "free roof"
but it sure feels like it.

A roofing loan and solar loan combined can still be cheaper than a utility bill for a home. This is because the upfront costs of a loan can be offset by the long term savings generated from installing a solar panel system. Solar panels can significantly reduce or even eliminate an individual's utility bill, meaning that the loan payments are quickly made up for in savings. Additionally, with a loan, individuals can benefit from a variety of tax credits and other incentives that can help to reduce the overall costs. In the long run, the combination of a roofing loan and solar loan can result in a net savings over what would be paid on a monthly utility bill.

Solar Panel Technician Installing Panels On A Roof In MA

John N.

Tiverton, RI

" Workmanship was excellent. Salesperson was great.
So far, the solar system payback estimate is projected to be better than what was mentioned at the time of the sale. "

what some of our customers have to say...

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