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Take back control of your power with green solar energy solutions at 0%.

 Solar Solutions in Quincy, MA


Homeowners often ask us for help demystifying the myriad factors involved. Many wonder how solar panels impact home resale value, and the studies are in: houses with solar panels achieve $15,000 higher resale value and sell significantly faster. Solar panels have even been shown to provide an extra layer of structural protection to the roof as well.

Long-term gains also include huge utility savings: upwards of $50,000 in savings over 30 years and up to 80% reduction in utility costs for most homes. The electrical meter can even start running backward, and utility companies purchase the excess power as the house actually supplies electricity to the grid.

A far reaching investment

Take back control of your power with green solar energy solutions at 0%.

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If bought upfront, the average system will likely offset its cost after 7.5 years or less. It's also common to save thousands of dollars in a few short years, and homeowners can even receive monthly checks over 10 years – ask us about how a smart credit rebate plan could work for you. Even if not purchased outright, state and federal incentives (such as a $1000 state income tax credit, 20-year property tax exemptions, and the 26% federal solar tax credit) reduce the costs so that monthly payments are not only cheaper than current utility bills but are effectively payments towards ultimate energy independence.

Solar loans from Devlin provide stable monthly payments even while grid-dependent homes contend with rising rates; an energy bill that costs $250 now is projected to cost $575 in 30 years. Because federal tax incentives are set to drop quickly and then disappear altogether by 2024, the future of home-energy costs will be determined by the steps taken now. Imagine replacing those costs with a solar loan payment and knowing that your house is no longer borrowing but creating its own electricity.

Medium-Term Gains

A Devlin Solar associate can help many homeowners get set up for $0 down to help them quickly obtain energy independence from the power grid and say goodbye to the hidden- and up-charges power companies are known for.

Further, the combined state and federal tax incentives can reduce installation costs by up to 50% for Massachusetts homeowners. With an additional battery system, excess solar energy can be stored for around-the-clock clean-energy access and protection against power outages and blackouts. These are aspects of the traditional power grid that homeowners have long had no real control over – until now!

Immediate Benefits

Cutting-Edge Designs and Equipment

We custom-tailor each solar installation with equipment that's calculated to match the unique needs of each house. The panels we install require almost no maintenance, and battery solutions from Enphase, Tesla, and Generac PWRcell are making the most ground-breaking energy storage solutions increasingly common. With production-monitoring software, homeowners can easily track system statistics for an insightful overview of their new solar system.

Our relationships with the best and safest solar equipment manufacturers allow us to install systems that truly last. Devlin's loan providers have full-coverage warranty options for up to 25 years for added security. Once your home is solar-ready, you can rest assured it will stay that way.e.


Our experienced former roofers and electricians will thoroughly evaluate the home to verify that it can support the panels both structurally and electrically. As long-time electricians, we at Devlin are experts in home electrical systems and have hired the South Shore's best roofing technicians. Our background gives us a holistic understanding that ensures maximum benefits from each installation.

With exceptional service and experience, we make it a simple process for customers; we want them to feel completely satisfied during the installation itself and at every flip of a switch long after.

Changing the Industry – One House at a Time


With hundreds of residential solar panel installations under our belt, we're more than capable of getting your system up and running as quickly as possible. Offset your energy bills with Devlin Solar, the most trusted solar company in New England. Contact us today to get your free clean energy quote.

Power of Choice

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