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Solar Solutions in Brookline, MA

Take back control of your power with green solar energy solutions at 0%.

Devlin is proud to say we offer the most innovative and effective backup power solutions currently available with the Generac PWRcell. Premier Tesla solar installer and Tesla designated us as one of their few certified installers! We also provide a pre-paid Omnidian Performance Plan subscription to all Brookline, Massachusetts customers.

Homeowners in Brookline now realize the considerable advantages of solar energy over conventional energy. Solar energy is cheap, renewable, and unlimited. If captured correctly, incoming sunlight alone can replace every other fuel used. It has never been as easy as it is now to shift to this renewable and environmentally friendly energy in Brookline.

Devlin Solar is the most trusted residential solar panel installation company, with over 6,500 installs, saving over $100,000,000 in energy for our clients. We dedicate ourselves to providing this low emission power in Brookline and helping the area get sufficient clean energy and save on costs. 


The initial installation and purchase of solar panels may involve high expenses, but savings on energy bills will offset all these costs in seven and a half years or fewer. From there, profits will show that no one will send you monthly power bills, and you can even benefit from smart credit rebate plans. State and federal incentives reduce your monthly costs, such as a federal solar tax credit, a 20-year property tax exemption, and a $1,000 state income tax credit.

Soon, federal tax incentives will drop and disappear, leaving the grid-dependent homesteads contending with high rates. Devlin has solar loans with stable monthly payments enabling you to walk towards your energy dependency at your own pace.

Saving on Costs

Adding solar panels to your home is a great boost to the property's value and an advantage to those willing to sell these properties. A study by Berkeley Lab proved potential homeowners show a willingness to offer higher price tags for houses installed with a fair solar panel system. The price tag difference could range from $15,000 or even higher depending on the system size, and these houses often sell faster. Solar panels are a distinguishing factor for home buyers.

Using solar panels can lead to huge utility savings of up to $50,000 in about 30 years. If you produce more power than you actually require, utility companies can purchase the excess power. Your house automatically supplies excess power to the connected grid, and your electrical meter will start running backward. 

Long Term Benefits


We customize all our residential solar panel installation services to match the unique requirements of your home as required. Our equipment, including solar panels and batteries, is high quality and requires almost no maintenance for decades. We partner with the best battery solutions, including Tesla, Enphase, and Generac PWRcell, ensuring we offer the best energy storage solutions. We also have a production-monitoring software where homeowners can track their solar panel system statistics and get an overview of their system


Our designs & equipment.

After selecting the Devlin residential solar panel installation service, we come on the ground and evaluate your home to ensure it can electrically and structurally support the panels. Our experts will also determine whether your roof receives the required sunlight to make solar panels a viable solution for your home. We have over 57 years of electrical experience and have hired the best roofing technicians, the South Shore's, to ensure quality in all our services. After a successful evaluation, we will perform measurements on your roof and begin the installation. It will take us only a few days, and the process causes very little disruption in your normal daily life as it takes place on the rooftop.

If you are ready for a residential solar panel installation around Brookline, Devlin Solar remains the best installer to handle your needs. Our electrical experience, exceptional customer service, and installations ensure that every home we work on enjoys solar panel benefits as much as possible. We stand by our work, and design is our priority. Go solar today by contacting Devlin Solar and letting our experts help you choose the best solution for your home.


The Installing Process.

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