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How to request a proposal with Devlin Solar

In the top right corner, you should be able to see a 'login' button, begin by clicking this.

step 1.png

Click 'Sign up'

This will prompt you to create an account in our portal.

step 2.png

Enter your account information

We prefer signing up using your Devlin Solar email, but if you have not received one yet, you can also sign up with a temporarily email or through Google.

Step 3.png

Click 'Design Request' from the drop down

Once your account is created, the 'Log in' button will turn into a drop down menu.  Please proceed to navigate down this menu until you are able to find the 'design request' tab, click this.

Step 4.png

Submit your Proposal

Proceed to fill out as many of the fields as you can before requesting your proposal.  These include things such as: "circle house on google maps", "upload customer utility bill" etc.  Once you are ready just press the submit button!

Step 5.png


This is the screen you should see after you have successfully submitted a design request, you are good to go!

Step 6.png
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