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  • Why should I go solar?
    Going solar can enable you to save tens of thousands of dollars on your utility costs while simultaneously supplying your electricity from a cleaner source. The benefits of owning your electricity are similar to the benefits of owning your home. Qualifying homes are given the opportunity to own their electricty instead of renting from power companies.
  • Can any home get solar?
    No, not all homes qualify; in fact, many don’t. Just because your home may get some sunlight doesn’t mean it is suitable for solar. There are many qualifications that homes have to pass in order to qualify and every home is different. That is why we offer free pre-qualifications to all homeowners who may be interested.
  • How long do solar panels last?
    Our solar panels are expected to perform at full efficiency for at least 25 years, but data & evidence suggests they last much longer. Whether you own them or not, they will be working long after they’ve paid for themselves.
  • How will solar effect my roof?
    Solar panels actually provide protection to the surface area of the roof that they are covering. Our teams take their time in order to ensure the system is installed properly to last decades.
  • How much does solar cost?
    Solar has the potential to cost a lot less than your current utility company. If your home qualifies, you may pay no money out of pocket! It’s true! Our financiers will provide loans with a significantly lower monthly payment then your current electric bill. For those that want to own their systems, we have several different financing options available.
  • Why does solar cost less than my current utility?
    Due to the low maintenence nature of solar panels, the cost of $ per kw of electricity produced is much less then what utilty companies charge. Utility companies also give many hidden charges such as a delivery charge and even a charge for funding public solar projects. When a homeowner owns their own electricity, they can avoid paying needless tax toward their utility companies.
  • How much maintenence do solar panels need?
    Photovoltaic solar systems require virtually no maintenence, this is part of what makes them such a cost effective solution for homeowners.
  • What if I want to sell my home?
    buyers across the country have been willing to pay a premium of about $15,000 for a home with an average-sized array. There is also research that shows homes with solar sell 17% faster then homes without. A common homeowner concern is that they will have trouble selling their home with solar, statisitcs show that this is nothing more then a concern, and homeowners actually have a better chance of selling a home with solar.
  • Do solar panels have a warranty?
    Our loan providers can offer full coverage warranties up to 25 years, as well as production guarantees, to ensure that you receive the full savings promised when going solar.
  • Do you provide loans for solar?
    Yes, Devlin has various options available for solar loans that can be tailored to a homeowners liking. Typically, homeowners will get a $0 down 15-25 year loan, which has monthly payments that are lower then their previous utility bill.
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