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Solar Panels


Take back control of your power with green solar energy solutions at 0%.

Devlin Solar is a Solar Energy Company rooted in a firm belief that all of us can have green energy for our homes. Our mission is to power every building in Hingham and New England with clean backup electricity. Two electrical experts-turned entrepreneurs partnered with a dream of making it easy for every home in Massachusetts to go solar. Together, their combined experience runs over 56 years of solar and electrical installations.

If you're looking for a local Tesla Solar expert, Devlin will be happy to send one your way. 

What We Do

Devlin continues to stay true to the spirit of a local, family-owned business, priding itself on excellent workmanship and lasting relations. Some of the products and services available in the New England and Hingham regions include:

  • Solar and roof installations

  • Ground-mounted solar installation

  • Residential solar installation

  • Tesla solar roof installation

What Excites Customers About Devlin?

Our strong local ties mean that we are always aware of your energy issues, and we are constantly working to provide the right solutions. Here are some of the beliefs that help us make a difference:


At Devlin Solar, we are passionate about what we do. We are obsessively excited over renewable energy and are happy to help people make the switch. You will get a dedicated account manager for a hassle-free installation project. Our ground-mounted solar installations in Hingham, New England, and the surrounding regions are forever changing the face of the neighborhoods.

Customer Focus

We are focused on customer satisfaction. One way that we do this is by customizing our solar installations to meet your energy needs. And when it's not just about the savings but also the design, we will deliver a set that fits right into your home's layout. Our team is always excited about speaking with clients and learning their unique requirements.

Continuous Improvement

At Devlin Solar, we are constantly looking for improvements that will shape the future of the solar industry. By partnering with innovative solar equipment manufacturers, we assist in developing solar systems that could potentially produce the same amount of output thrice. We are hands-on with our research and always search for ways of adding more green power to the grid. Our intensive training programs help to upskill our team members to solve current problems.  


Devlin Solar is known for its transparency, just like what sunlight offers. The Team knows too well that we do not make promises that we can't keep. Our rates are open for scrutiny, and there are no hidden charges. Get in touch to request a free quote or a solar savings estimate.

Get a Free Estimate

The greatest advantage of solar power is that it gives you better control over your energy use. Devlin solar panel installations come with a 25-year guaranteed warranty, meaning that you can spend very little to nothing on maintenance. Sign up for a free solar consultation and be on track to save money and enjoy your freedom with green energy.

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